Tuesday & Wednesday Pasta Night

$17 pp
Tuesday & Wednesday Only

Please inform us if you have any allergies

Soup or Salad

Mixed Greens

Shallot dressing/tomato/cucumber

Soup of the Day


Spaghetti and Meatballs

Thin spaghetti/all beef meat ball/Nonna’s tomato sauce

Linguini Carbonara


Cappellini Scampi

Baby shrimp/garlic & oil/parsley

Penne Pasta Sausage

Pan roasted sausage/fresh fennel/basil/tomato sauce/touch of crema

Chicken Milanese

Breaded chicken/fresh mozzarella/spaghettini/classic red sauce

Risotto Prosciutto Cotto & Spring Pea

Sautéed smoked ham/green peas/butter/fontina cheese


Spaghetti Puttanesca

Olive oil/Gaeta black olive/capers/marinara

Risotto Ortolana

Mixed vegetables/tomato/butter

Vegetable Tagliatelle (red or white)

Mixed Vegetable’s garlic and oil or cherry tomato